Thursday, March 3, 2011


Reading my old posts surely is nostalgic. I used to be such a hardcore japanese fan HAHA. 
But the best part is i can't stop laughing at how my life has been like throughout life. Truth be told, 2010 was the worst year for me, when i was 16 that is and somehow i feel that's the phase you really start to grow up and reality finally sinks in your mind. I think la. Cos lots of people say 'time form 4 ni la cabaran hidup banyak' 
And may i say, how very true that statement.
Well it's over now and i really hope 2011 is a good year for me (SPM ahem), amin ;)

Rajin la sikit

Weh mastura hasani, bila mau tukaq layout blog ni huduh k. Rajinkanlah diri untuk buat layout baru! Dulu bukan main rajin edit html. ceee.
Anywho-ha-hay, i skipped school today! Due to reasonable reasons. I think im catching a fever 
Dok batuk2 for 3 weeks now and ever since last week, when i coughed mesti termuntah. Nahhh. Setiap kali.
Am i gonna die? .___.
Just so you know, holidays are 9 days away! HOORAH. The most obvious and typical reaction would be 'YAYY HOLIDAYS YAYY' but in the end resulting into a reaction that goes like this; 'ee boring, bosan nak keluaq mak tak bagi. bila laa sekolah nak start. alamak tak buat homework lagi esok start sekolah dah' 


Well not everyone la reacts like this. Some people spend their holidays jalan2 pi kl & tempat menarik yg lain2. Wowow. Well for us normal people (or if it's just me), that's how it always ends like. But actually deep down i'm sort of hoping for a different twist of events for this coming holiday. Ya know, going to exciting places or hanging out with friends non-stop and such. It's not like i haven't but i rarely do so. And can't wait nak balik Kuala Kangsar, i miss my kampung ;D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

but seriously

i think i'll dot it. i'll just do it. whenever i have the time anyway, btw btw i checked my document folder and it turns out i deleted all the the cool blogger layouts i used to keep. bummer.
so let's just stick to this layout we all know beginners would choose cause by far i think it's the prettiest out of all the starter layouts blogger has presented us.

eh nak buat homework. k bai !

after a long absence, i make an entrance

I HAVE THIS URGE TO GO BACK TO BLOGGING. SHOULD I OR WILL I JUST DESERT IT IN THE END ? HAH! screw me, if i do start blogging all over again i'll pay too much attention to it no? and studying? mehhh. but then again..asdfhdkjlksjal

Friday, October 15, 2010

I wouldn't be blogging right now if I didn't have the urge to scream my head out. But then I tried screaming inside my head, which didn't do the jolly trick. So here I am pouring out whatever is inside this feakishly empty head. 
Well one, I'm not a smart ass like everyone else is. Mid term just ended and my conclusion is; by next month I think I'm getting kicked out of my own school. Yea, so let's spare the details. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

currently undergoing severe maintenance.will be back as soon as my conscience kicks in.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

《i'm such a liar》

I'm such a liar. Yea, forget the previous post about continuing the birthday episode. Sorry ma friends. I'm just so lazy. It's been like, 2 months since my previous post and heck no am I gonna continue it. I'm such a meanie :p
So blame it all on my lazyness. It just can't help over powering me. *sigh* What happened to the little girl who used to stay up all night studying until there was no tomorrow? (obviously a lie) Well I wasn't as lazy as I am now.
And school is starting tomorrow. Should I be thrilled? The holidays seriously ARE so UBER duper BORING. But I rather be as boring as a tree than start getting homework and facing the wrath of my teacher scolding me on my not-so-good exam results. I know I'm gonna flunk. Dang, I wish I was a genius (I know everybody does, but I can still dream)
So the things that happened; 

1. Went on my first camping trip, it was painful/scary/fun (It rained that night so the tent was like flooded so we all slept in the chalet-so much for 'camping') 
2. Climbed G.Jerai till the very top :D (I thought I'd feel HAPPY or something but I was like; 'that's all they got? tch.' )
3. Umm went to only 1 kenduri out of 20. hahahha. 
4. Went to IKEA but barely bought anything.

OMG that's it?
Hahahaha. Well hasta la vista folks. See you in about another decade or something. 
Oh yeah, here's me promoting my twitter:
yay me!