Friday, June 26, 2009

Mr. Michael Jackson

such tragic news has devoured us.

Pop icon Michael Jackson died on Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest, multiple US media outlets reported, sending shockwaves around the entertainment world. The Los Angeles Times and celebrity news website reported Jackson, 50, died after suffering an arrest just after 12:00 pm (1900 GMT) local time and paramedics were unable to revive him.

911 tape

On June 26, the Los Angeles Fire Department released the recording of the 911 call:
Caller: Uh, I have a, we have a gentleman here that needs help and he stopped breathing. He’s not breathing and we need to - we’re trying to pump him but he’s not...
Dispatcher: OK, OK, how old is he?
Caller: He’s uh, 50 years old, sir.
Dispatcher: 50? OK. He’s unconscious? He’s not breathing?
Caller: Yes, he’s not breathing, sir.
Dispatcher: OK, and he’s not conscious either?
Caller: He’s not conscious, sir.
The dispatcher asks the caller to move Jackson from the bed to the floor, to begin CPR. The caller replies that a doctor is already there doing CPR.
Caller: Yes, we have a personal doctor here with him sir.
Dispatcher: Oh, you have a doctor there?
Caller: Yes, but he’s not responding to anything. No, he’s not responding to CPR or anything.
Dispatcher: Oh, OK. Well, we’re on our way there. If your guy’s doing CPR, or instructed by a doctor he’s a higher authority than me and he’s there on scene. Did anybody witness what happened?
Caller: Uh, no, just the doctor sir. The doctor’s been the only one here.
Dispatcher: OK, so did the doctor see what happened?
Caller: Um, doctor did you see what happened? (inaudible) He’s just, um, if you can please ...
News of Jackson's death spread quickly online, causing websites to crash and slow down from user overload. Google believed it was under attack from hackers, while Twitter reported a crash.AIM an instant messaging service operated by AOL collapsed for 40 minutes, and Wikipedia crashed at 3:15 PDT. AOL called it a "seminal moment in Internet history," adding, "We've never seen anything like it in terms of scope or depth."

goodbye Michael Jackson. ):

Thursday, June 4, 2009

drastic changes

shiver me timbers!
what's happened to everybodyy??
all those people i knew
at least i thought i knew them

all of em
have disappeared!
i don't mean disappear disappear
i mean

the THEM i knew is GONE
who in the world knows where they are
this is freaking me out.


Monday, June 1, 2009

time flies so fast

i didn't know it was June already.but i was sure
it was a MONDAY
but June? whoa. time flies so fast