Friday, January 22, 2010

《 i'll be fatigue sooner or later 》


1 A feeling of being extremely tired, either physically or mentally 1a. The feeling that you have done a particular activity for so long that you no longer want to do it

Well that's what the big red Macmillan dictionary says. but
i say for short, fatigue means its like you're about to die. i will, sooner or later. why? because school has started. and its no longer the daily basis type of school. no, its Form 4 and we're talking about 10 homework a day [literally that is]. and then there's sport practice. and then we have tuition. and then some 'assignments' to be done [;D] OH WONDERFUL :|
and i don't get enough sleep anymore. no more waking up at 12 pm :( haha. but still the lack of sleep makes me all drowsy in school especially during classes in the lab and so this equals to me not being able to pay 100% attention GREAT :|
aaah @_@ if only i can run away and shut myself from this crucial life and let my thoughts wander on its own where i'd be drifted from dreamland to wonderland and all my yesterdays have lighted fools [lmao] haha okay talking nonsense means bedtime.moo u later ;D