Friday, October 15, 2010

I wouldn't be blogging right now if I didn't have the urge to scream my head out. But then I tried screaming inside my head, which didn't do the jolly trick. So here I am pouring out whatever is inside this feakishly empty head. 
Well one, I'm not a smart ass like everyone else is. Mid term just ended and my conclusion is; by next month I think I'm getting kicked out of my own school. Yea, so let's spare the details. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

currently undergoing severe maintenance.will be back as soon as my conscience kicks in.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

《i'm such a liar》

I'm such a liar. Yea, forget the previous post about continuing the birthday episode. Sorry ma friends. I'm just so lazy. It's been like, 2 months since my previous post and heck no am I gonna continue it. I'm such a meanie :p
So blame it all on my lazyness. It just can't help over powering me. *sigh* What happened to the little girl who used to stay up all night studying until there was no tomorrow? (obviously a lie) Well I wasn't as lazy as I am now.
And school is starting tomorrow. Should I be thrilled? The holidays seriously ARE so UBER duper BORING. But I rather be as boring as a tree than start getting homework and facing the wrath of my teacher scolding me on my not-so-good exam results. I know I'm gonna flunk. Dang, I wish I was a genius (I know everybody does, but I can still dream)
So the things that happened; 

1. Went on my first camping trip, it was painful/scary/fun (It rained that night so the tent was like flooded so we all slept in the chalet-so much for 'camping') 
2. Climbed G.Jerai till the very top :D (I thought I'd feel HAPPY or something but I was like; 'that's all they got? tch.' )
3. Umm went to only 1 kenduri out of 20. hahahha. 
4. Went to IKEA but barely bought anything.

OMG that's it?
Hahahaha. Well hasta la vista folks. See you in about another decade or something. 
Oh yeah, here's me promoting my twitter:
yay me!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

《an early birthday present 》

So i woke up pretty early today. Right after subuh i didn't go back to sleep (and is very sleepy at the moment). When it was time, i went to the 24-hour KFC near the stadium place and had a discussion about the debate topic and stuff. okay, then my parents went to check out the Suzuki store for a new car. Honestly, the Swift is ugly (no offence to swift users :D). Then i had thoughts about what my future car would be like. Woo. So then, got home, ate siakap fish which my mom made herself and was superbly delicious! 5★s mommy! And so who knows what today would turn out to be in the end.

Moving on to the topic which I promise to tell, birthdays and birthday presentssss :D

Dear Hanna (my posts seems to be a lot about you :O),
どうもありがとうあなたは最高です!  わたしは、あなたを愛していますあなたはあまり話(mwahaha)

Literally saying, thanks a whole bunch of sunflower-sunshine-filled-flowers for Nahan :DDD

Oh, and for the ‘second gift’ too. Hoho. I still hate you because you’re getting a macbook before me. But overall I…I…l-love you XD Now you unrelated people must be wondering what a Nahan is. Its my monkey teddy bear. Its cute and its brown and its fluffy. Yes, a fluffy monkey :3 I love lave lurve monkeys. I do. Its weird? Mind you then. And why Nahan? Well the name has its own history. A deep dark history which needs not be shared to the blogger world. Thanks again bidou granmanie-sannn! hahahha. i'm gonna go get you a better present than that headphone XD kor club for ever and ever.

Till we meet another day. Adios mi amigos.

Oh hang on. i forgot about the birthdayS part :D

To HeySayJUMP! members who will never know i wished them a happy brithday; Keitoo~, Takaki Yuyann~, Morimoto-kun and Dai-chan   ♥♥♥♥! You have all grown older, which i'm afraid i have to say, i feel sad about XD but there's nothing i can do about that. goodbye to your kawaii youthness and hello to shuper handsomeness. woo. however i shall be your #1 fan till the day i grow out of all this fangirl-ing business :D please continue to rock my pleasent world. aishiteru!


Mood:  teehee.


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. say, how long has it been since i last updated this thing?

1/2 Months? sorry people :D school is keeping me busy.(i bet you all miss me soo much :">)
so if you'd like to burn/pour acid/close down my school, please please be my guest. first things off,
i'd like to list out the things i want to tell (which i wont because i'm too lazyyyyyy :D)
ehem.just so you all will know the things that has been happening:

1. proudly to say; i got an anugerah cemerlang for this year :D (just for 8A's PMR. nothing so special :p)
2. had a 5 day non-stop hang out with my friends
3. getting lazier
4. so many birthdays this month :O
5. is offically a brace face :D (and i love my braces. so excuse you to you people who think braces are for nerds and nerds only-which i am not one)
6. oh yeah, got 50rm for the anugerah ~ (HSJ photo set here i come!)
7. i have been thinking a lot about my future and decided to go to a university inside of Malaysia
8. ordered something out of the internet which i can't wait to show off.hoho
9. i miss playing games a whole digerdy-dang much.
10. haven't opened myspace for a month now. *addicted to facebook*
11. met the sultan of Kedah for the very first he is very very cute :)
12. i waste a lot of money every single day
13. i hate feeling confused -,-
14. i don't know what else to say

oh yeah. i found this cool LJ with cool HSJ icons. clicky here :) i'll get back to birthdays and birthday presents laters. 12.20am and i haven't found any content for the debate thingy. people will kill me tomorrow.yikes. gee tee gee ;)

p/s. blogger, do you hate me? why is it when i keep changing the fonts to small it won't become..small?

Mood: i hate the slowness of my internet + laptop!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

《5 stars to Alice in Wonderland :D 》

people people people people people people.
Where have I been? Why the long hiatus? I know i've been missed (>_<) But for now all i can say is : Blame it on school. Its been keeping me busy. Sorry folks, its homework time. Just don't forget me :D

Sunday, February 14, 2010

《 homework is a blessing 》

*grumpy face*
Homework is a necessity for a student, where it helps us captivate the lesson we have learnt. Its sort of like a recap of the subejct, th
e more exercises, the better we get at it [correct me if I'm wrong]. But honestly! The part where our minds jumble up into a ball of question marks and misery, what's the good in that ? TUIH. Homework are fun too sometimes, well some are. Biology is the first subject I'd cross out. Or maybe Physics? Oh wait there's Addmath @_@
Well~ I'm a student so complaining isn't wrong :D right ?
Anyways, its Valentines day ! :| which is a day all Muslims are FORBID, i repeat, FORBID to celebrate. So to all you Muslims who walk around with your boyfriends and girlfriends spending the time of your life because its Valentines day then, may you rot in hell. :D woops. But please people, we learn P.Islam in school, we are born an Islam, why can't you be one ? Its so sad, the people of today.

Inoo is so cute in this one ♥
arigatou Mira for the picture :)

like how i talk formally ? yes? no ? XD

Friday, February 12, 2010

《 otanjobi omedato hanna ! 》

Hanna !
today is your birthday obviously ;D
so you're a year older now
getting BIGGER

tahun lepas aku buat lagu kan kt hg ?
kali ni ? O_O
xpa tggu ja.ada sminggu nk beli XD
seb bek gak hg blik kl, boleh pilih2 lama skit XD
kah2.lwk ja
jom p kelas nari O_O

mcm lady gaga
sbb tudung dya kita boleh buat dah :DD
ok la syg
nanti jgn lpa kol aku

dah dpt kredit free tu :>
ok sayonara
jom ckp kat YM plak

remember this song i wrote :D
xigt siap a :|

we've been friends for so long
that's why i wrote you this song
funny how i almost forgot your birthday
but i got you a present anyway
you talk too much
your stories have become a bunch
i could even make a book out of it
and sell it at the flea market
then i'll be known world wide B)
just like J.K rowling and her tales of harry potter
except this is about you my friend the continuous talker
so in 10 years to be
don't you dare forget about me
the one who's wrote all about you
and this song too


Thursday, February 11, 2010

《 selamat tinggal cikgu. 》

today i woke up at 6.15 or so, expecting nothing. i walked up the steps to my classroom expecting nothing. and then my friend fany walked passed me, her eyes were red so i asked her what was wrong. she told me...cikgu Sharafudin telah kembali ke Rahmatullah.

Sabda Rasulullah,
“Tiap-tiap yang berjiwa akan merasakan mati. Kami akan menguji kamu dengan keburukan dan kebaikan sebagai cobaan (yang sebenar-benarnya). Dan hanya kepada Kamilah kamu dikembalikan.” (QS. Al Anbiya:35)

sebenarnya ni first time pnah rasa gila2 sedih sbb org yg paling kta dekat telah meninggal. sebelum ni pernah la ada tp tu waktu kecik2 so kesedihan tu xbrpa nk ada O:
hmmmm. bila dpt tau ja cikgu sudah meninggal mmg waktu tu tba2 tergamam, xtau nk bt apa. sblm ni cikgu koma 7 hari. kami geng2 CHIKUSO rancang nak p tengok cikgu dekat hospital tp xkesampaian ~ Allah xmengizinkan nak buat mcmna. lps tgk fatin ngeh truih air mta nk mngalir tp xmngalir sgt XD sedeh tu mmg 100% sedeh )': tp waktu pengumuman bagitau cikgu telah meninggal, air mata mngalir xhenti.mcm xmau dengaq ja apa yg diumumkan tu. lps2 km blik dari lab dpt tau klas 4 Sultanah and 5 Asma p tengok cikgu o_o mna aci. so kami smua [geng CHIKUSO lah] berpecah 2 kumpulan, satu p tanya cikgu PK mintak permission nak p.satu lagi p dekat Teacher Kok Kam Leng sbb waktu tu time dya ajr klas km, kna mntak permission. dya ckp 'yes i will let you go as long as you ask the principal' km smua mcm O: teacher bg tngok cikgu Sharafudin, terharu ~ pstu kna ulang alik p bilik PK ngn bilik guru sbb nk cari guru yg boleh teman kami p. ada stngah geng kami dok dekat bilik guru dok cari2 cikgu [sya/aku ternangeh sbb cikgu2 semua dah p, pastu xdak spa boleh teman )': ] and then O: depa2 yg balik klas tu mai serbu bilik guru nak bagitau cikgu Noraini boleh teman kita p. kami pon dok syok syok la.berkat usaha CHIKUSO XD. tp kn, driver bas :| lambat mai. cisss.oh time tu pon baru tau ja pack cik Pewira tu adik arwah cikgu Sharafudin. ptt dua2 hensem :) then bila kami sampai ja rumah cikgu ada pak cik bagitau kami yg depa dah bawak arwah cikgu pergi ke tanah perkuburan. kami pon p ke tanah perkuburan tu. kami dan tengok kain putih ja...semua dah mula nangeh.xtahan dah. saat terakhir tengok cikgu )': tu pon secebis kain sahaja.hmm. arwah cikgu pon dah dikubur bawah tanah, meninggalkan keluarganya dan kembali kepada Allah s.w.t. dan setelah itu datanglah malaikat Mungkar dan Nakir...

*sigh* cikgu, km xdan nak mintak maaf kat cikgu. maafkan kmi. cikgu bersabar dengan kami. terima kasih banyak2 cikgu :) kpd kwn2 ku yg lain, mari kita bersma2 membaca AL-FATIHAH kpd arwah cikgu Sharafudin b Aisyah. smoga beliau ditempatkan di kalangan mereka2 yg beriman. AMIN.

baca lah belog chibi dan bella sama :) depa reti sikit cita XD nak cikgu ajr sya bm )': sya xbrpa pndai sgt bm )': sya akn rindu suara cikgu, rindu usha cikgu tidur di blakang klas, rindu cara cikgu senyum )':

selamat tinggal cikgu

Monday, February 8, 2010

《how is it ? 》

suprise ? welcome to my newly and improved blog :D you likee ?
its pretty blank and empty.but that's the way i like it :D
oh and notice the 4 buttons on top ? do click XD
yes well maybe it might be hard to navigate for this new layout of mine :|
the part i hate about this layout is the fact that i can't put my followers box and comment board @_@
gahh.but i'll try and get one done :D

well that layout has gone bye-bye.
so, this one? you know you like it :>

can i tell you some bad news ? :'(
my Bahasa Melayu teacher is in the ICU :'(
cikgu Sharafudin :'(
walaupun baru ja jadi cikgu BM satu bulan, tapi sedeh gila :'(
dah la xleh masok ICU tu @_@
semoga cepat sembuh cikgu :'(
my prayers will be with you :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

《 i'll be fatigue sooner or later 》


1 A feeling of being extremely tired, either physically or mentally 1a. The feeling that you have done a particular activity for so long that you no longer want to do it

Well that's what the big red Macmillan dictionary says. but
i say for short, fatigue means its like you're about to die. i will, sooner or later. why? because school has started. and its no longer the daily basis type of school. no, its Form 4 and we're talking about 10 homework a day [literally that is]. and then there's sport practice. and then we have tuition. and then some 'assignments' to be done [;D] OH WONDERFUL :|
and i don't get enough sleep anymore. no more waking up at 12 pm :( haha. but still the lack of sleep makes me all drowsy in school especially during classes in the lab and so this equals to me not being able to pay 100% attention GREAT :|
aaah @_@ if only i can run away and shut myself from this crucial life and let my thoughts wander on its own where i'd be drifted from dreamland to wonderland and all my yesterdays have lighted fools [lmao] haha okay talking nonsense means bedtime.moo u later ;D