Sunday, December 27, 2009

《devoured by happiness 》

this post might be a little bit late
but still,

does the picture say it ?

syukur alhamdulilah.
i just can't believe it. did i really do it ? did i really get 8A's? did i? if i woke up tomorrow and found out it was all dream, i'd punch my stomach >_< so everything finally payed off! i'm just so grateful :'( to Allah to my teachers, thank you is not enough to my family to my friends and to myself, you did great :D hahaha. so,
now its spm ?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

《 so tomorrow is the day 》

That date, is the date, i'll finally find out. After much pursuing life with books and compasses and calculators and what not, tis time i know the outcome. Scary ain't it? lailai. its been a weird day today. the nerves are kicking my stomach and making me all nervous like i'm about to ride a roller coaster. yabai~ i don't wanna go to school tomorrow. i don't wanna go into the hall and the atmosphere will be all scary and nervous. it'll make me even more nervous O_O *sigh* but whatever happens. i'll accept it. if it doesn't turn out the way i want it to, then i'm sure Allah has promised a better day for me, insyAllah.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

《 i'm just another troublemaker 》

gomenasai everyone. to whom i have caused trouble to. and if i hurt you, i really am sorry. i'm not purposely doing this. it just happens. i hate myself for that. lately all i've been doing is cause trouble to my friends. i'm sorry guys, you always light up my day, but i always tend to put a cloud over it. i am very grateful to have friends like you, but its just me whose not good enough. once again, i hate myself for that. i don't want to see the distance breaking between us. i want it to stay like it used to. but why is this all happening ? maybe i should go away. so i won't hurt anyone anymore. lily, bella, chibi, i truly am sorry. guilt is running through my vines. i know you guys said you'll take care of me if i get sick, :'( and thank you for saying that. but i can't. i just feel useless now. i feel, lenguh, and not quite in the mood. these things, why do they happen? :'( i guess its Allah's test upon me. i'll be patient and accept it. though i'm sorry i hurt anyone. i don't deserve to have friends like you guys. however can i repay you ?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

《 Okairi, Rayyan Iman Fridaus :D 》

What happened today:
My nephew Iman is here :) crying and sleeping and eating. and repeating it again. and guess what? my favorite pyjama pants just go ripped and i just found out before i wrote this sentence. oh man :( aa. i helped my mom make pizza today. bon apetite. and what else? OH. music station, this 25th Dec, there's gonna be HSJ, KAT-TUN, and even BIGBANG. its a MUST watch. but does animax still air music station? *sigh* asdfghj. oh yeah. why are there 6 cars at my house? invisible people i don't know of are invading ? O_O

allow me to introduce Gale Beggy.
she [he to be precise] is the funniest video i have ever seen !

Friday, December 11, 2009

《 Kamiki again 》

i'm liking you everyday :D
but i'll never forget Inoo :D :D

i love this picture [lily sah nak curi dah ni]

this calls for a numbering trivia
1) when is Akahana no Sensei ep 7 gonna be uploaded? i can't wait already @_@
2) and why is youtube slow? the slowness is killing me >_< 3) when am i gonna go to IKEA already ? my dream room is already planned. 4) why is everyday getting boring-er? 5) why do i cry a lot lately [woops] 6) PMR results are getting nearer, and so will the end of my life. 7) so now what? *sigh* well at least there's collegehumour to make my day

Sunday, December 6, 2009

hello world?


[sorry no idea for a title again]
i woke up at 6.30 am. [slept at 3.30 :O]
idn't go back to sleep
tell me i rock :D
i had add math tuition.

{so now i know what these brackets are for}
{i'll call you add math brackets}

Note to self:
the most important terminology : set 1 [the domain] on graph is on the x-axis :D

Another note:
this is only the BEGINNING
so that's why i can say,
add math is far

my room is clean again :D
yay! now i can make it dirty again
no rule in this house says i can't eat in my room.weee
speaking of rooms,
i need IKEA!
my wardrobe is a bust.

now you know what's bugging me lately?
PMR results are coming out pretty soon
every time i think about it my stomach starts to whirl
i'd be the happiest person on earth if i got 8A's
i have to say it,
what if i don't?
i know i shouldn't say things like this but wouldn't this question run through your mind too?
i have to think positively but i need to worry too.
if i don't get it and all my friends did?
i wish someone could tell me its okay if i don't get 8A's..
but they can't, can they?
all that's left for me to do is bertawakal and berdoa.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ode to the old days

gosh. i remember PMR like it was just yesterday. sitting in that big hall. KCO67077 was it? haha. on my left was Put, Farrah on my right Azira in front and Haziqah behind me. see i told you i remembered :D and that friendly pengawas peperiksaan who had too much perfume on. i dropped my pen and he picked it up for me. its all still clear to me. the nerves, the fear, the happiness of when it ended. i kind of miss it all. after our papers where done we had to go to the canteen and my mom would be waiting there with my lunch. then me and friends would all go to the surau for a last minute recap of everyhing. then we'd pray. then we'd go back and line up in the canteen while Teacher Zarina reminded us to have our certificate and IC and all that stuff in our hands. its something i'll never forget :'(
goodbye PMR.
ahh. and right after that i spent my day at mira's house watching Gokusen 3 with chah, bella and alia.
and then we did sleepovers. man i miss that.
it all happened in a flash. and now i'm sitting here in my livin
g room, quite bored actually, wishing that i can go back in time. no, wishing that time could stop. i don't want to move on. i don't know what to expect next year. would it be better? or worse? will i still keep in touch with my friends? or will they forget me and i forget them? it could happen right? but i hope it won't. ahh, i got to stop before i start crying.
let's stay together forever :D

oh. i found this er song/poem? i wrote
during the days before PMR
good times goo
d times.

13 Sept 2009,
How many days are left?
time is the greatest theft
i can't go back to the days
where we shout hip-hip hurrays
let's wipe the dust off our h
istory books
and start studying by hook or by crook
i'll have to start from scratch
it's just like adding more rocks in the sack
but however it may be
i can't wait to see, the outcome of my legacy
i hope to crave a smile
as wide as a mile
i'll make everyone proud
until the wolrd
turns the other way round
but the best part for me,
i'll finally get that PSP

8A's here i come~


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just for fun

there's this picture i found which i really like..for some reason.haha

and since lily posted a picture of her cafe world.. :D

its still ugly, but i'm working on it :D
o yeah,
i already made this post
but accidentally posted it in mira's blog
forgot to sign out :D

what was i doing in mira's blog?
hoho that's a secret ;)

Tribute to Myka-chan :)

so you might, no MUST be wondering. who on earth is Myka-chan?
its a-what you call it? combo name?
which lily-san made up.
now i know some might not understand this.
its just a little tribute to my friend.
so here's my little speech then.

i believe you guys are the perfect soulmate.
trust me.
don't cry when you're not suppose to!
cheer up always :D
otanjobi omedato myka-chan! :)
i dont' know hat else to say.

over and out

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to my titless post

i'm bad at making titles. so like,
nevermind that part.
i have to let this out:

[the following should be read really fast]
i mean i tried those out myself and i'm no good at come they are so handy in photoshop and all that.i mean TEACH me.[even though i use GIMP,which is som
ething i highly recommend since its free ;D] i spent like what? 2 3? hours on ONE banner that really sucks.i know i'm new at it and all but HOW? HOW?
@_@ i need a super nerd brain or what.
practicing i know i know.but STILL.where do they learn all those stuff?is there some secret society or something.i am craving for creativeness and handiness to bloom on me.this is seriously cringing me up.i feel so small.

so enough of that.
moving on to the big news:

Y 15!

haha.well i guess its a little bit late cos my birthday was yesterday :D
argh.i don't wanna grow up.i mean.i'll miss 15, i surely will :'(

well anyways
calling all HSJ fans~ [esp HSB]

this is a MUST READ! :D

HSB Ideal Girl Code

[Inoo, you seriously want me to wear a skirt? LMAO]
well i'm not gonna post it here so go read it yourself

click the love ^^

you see this?
its Inoo's signature board that he throws to the audience during their 2008 spring con.
and you know what it says?
"It's not a coincidence that you caught this. It's destiny. (laughs)"
i'll kill whoever got that.
still Inoo, you rock my world :D

p/s my laptop has turned from a crazy machine to a maniac disaster device :|

well good night folks ;)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Its after midnight

ohio gozaimase minna-san! :D
if time didn't spoke
than i'll tell you ,
its 30th November today!
which makes me, officially 15
yes, its my birthday !
what's so great about birthdays.
well first off. there's the wishes
that's whats best.
[thanks so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :D]
there were tears.
haha :D
then there's the birthday parties.
but i haven't done one since
5 years ago?
not a party fan that much.
and the 3rd best part
are the presents ~
i like those :)
i like them a lott.
and i'd like to make a 'Thank You tribute'
[i hate touching parts.but when else am i gonna do one?]
thank you
to my parents who raised me with love and care
thank you
to my friends who showed me laughter and fun
thank you

Sunday, November 22, 2009


its doing it again.

man i'm sick of it.
what is wrong with you?
its soo annoying @_@
ish :|

stupid laptop.

soo slooooow.cos of the heavy japanese drama i've been opening? hmm. maybe :D
well lets put that aside now since i alrea
dy restarted it.
and ALL those videos i've been waiting to fully load are gone :|
but nevermind. patience is part of our iman. there's always next time.

well anyways
has anyone watched Akahana no Sensei yet?
there's Kamiki Ryunosuke
he's so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
i've watched ep. 1 so far
oh kamiki :)

kamiki ~ grrr
NO NO NO. must not forget Inoo!

inoo :*
still i'm afraid i'll fall in love with Kamiki. haha
i can't.

how am i going to watch Akahana no Sensei? O_O
*patience patience*

but but
Inoo is more kawaii :D


Friday, November 20, 2009

Twas a parents' request

my mom made me follow my dad to Kelantan ):

no offences Kelantan folks :D

well at least there's internet and a shopping mall right next to me hotel

tomorrow we'll be going back already

and back on the ziggly wiggly winding road :|

well *coughs*mybirthdayiscomingup*coughs*


where's everyone? isn't it cf time?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

now that i've started posting,
i don't want to stop :D
but i don't know what write :D
so let's just talk about common things :D

1.its been raining almost everyday, hasn't it? and friends go out to A.S Mall every week for the movies. haha
3.lately, i've been seeing a lot of people eating KFC
4.right now i'm waiting for my friends to start p
laying Luna Online. [cepat, nak lawan boss sama2]
5.what time shall i sleep today? laptop gets so hot easily
7.i watched Pisau Cukur yesterday. firstly, yea, it was a Malay movie BUT it was..fantastic ;)
8.what should i do after this?

9.i'm wearing my HEY SAY JUMP t-shirt right now
10.inoo and yuto so kawaiiiiiii
11.tiap2 malam mesti ada conference

what else?

i guess that's it?

then let's move on

haha.mira oh mira

Tadaima :)

so how long has it been since my last post?
too long i guess.
well i'm back now ;D

so while i was waiting for my Luna character to fill th
e HP bar, i might as well update this thing
but does anyone even read my blog? haha

well anyways, a lot happened right after PMR was over.
boring things
fun things

so let's do some picture spamming~ yeah :D

tresspassing the music room part 1

tresspassing the music room part 2

there's a lot more pictures
but i'm too lazy to upload em' :)
so until next time folks

p/s try the english (pirate) language in facebook. you won't regret.arrr.please be meetin' ya mateys' after so long.arrr.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I take back regrets

If things turn out differently, maybe things would have been better?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coolest tag eva

Dear I rather not say,I don’t really know how to tell you this,[I’m joining the convent]. I think I realized it [when your dog humped my leg] [outside of your office] and I saw you [put whipped cream on] [my father O_O] I'm sure you're [cowardly] enough to understand [that your driving sucks]. I’m returning your [toe ring] to you, but I’ll keep [your glass eye] as a memory. You should also know that I [will not tell the authorities that you stole the whale from the backyard] and [I’m scratching my butt as you read this].
[Best of luck on the sex change],

Here’s how you do it:
Dear (someone you recently talked to), I don’t really know how to tell you this,(1). I think I realized it (2)(3) and I saw you (4)(5). I’m sure you’re (6) enough to understand (7). I’m returning your (8) to you, but I’ll keep (9) as a memory. You should also know that I (10) and (11).
(Your name)
1) What’s the color of your shirt?
Blue – I’m in love with your cat
Red – Our affair is over
White – I’m joining the Convent
Black -Our romance is over
Green- Our socks don’t match
Grey – You’re a leprechaun
Yellow – I’m selling myself for candy
Pink – Your nostrils are insultingB
rown – The mafia wants you
No shirt – Purple hedgehogs want to destroy you
Other -I dislike your eyelashes

2) Which is your birth month?
January – That night you picked your nose
February -When I quoted Forrest Gump
March – When your dwarf bit me
April – When I tripped on peanut butter
May – When I threw up in your sock drawer
June – When you put cuffs on me
July – When I saw the purple monkey
August – When you smacked my ass
September – Last year when you peed your pants
October – When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
November – When your dog humped my leg
December – When I finally changed my underwear

3) Which food do you prefer?
Tacos – When we skinny dipped in the bathtub
Chicken- In your car
Pasta – Outside of your office
Hamburgers – Under the bus
Salad – As you were eating Kraft Dinner
Lasagna – In your closet
Kebab – With Jean Chrétien
Fish – In a clown suit
Sandwiches – At the Elton John concert
Pizza – At the mental hospital
Hot dog – Under a street light
Other – With George Bush and Stephen Harper

4) What’s the color of your socks?
Yellow – Ignore
Red – Put whipped cream on
Black – Hit on
Blue – Knock out
Purple – Pour syrup on
White – Carve your initials into
Grey – Pull the clothes offBrown – bit of
Orange – Castrate
Pink – Pull the pants off of
Barefoot – Sit on
Other – Drive over

5) What’s the color of your underwear?
Black – My boyfriend
White – My father
Grey – The Catholic Priest
Brown – The Montreal Canadian’s goalie
Purple – My corned beef hash
Red – My knee caps
Blue – My salt-beef bucket
Yellow – My illegitimate child in Ghana
Orange – My Blink 182 cd
Pink – Your ‘My Little Pony’ collection
Other –The elephant in the corner

6) What do you prefer to watch on TV?
One Tree Hill – Senile
Heroes- Frostbitten
Lost – High
Simpsons- Cowardly
The news – Scarred
American Idol – Masochistic
Family Guy – Open
Top Model – Middle-class
Other -shamed

7) Your mood right now?
Happy – How awful you are
Sad – How boring you are
Bored – That I get turned on only by garbage men
Angry – That your smell makes me vomit
Depressed – That we’re related
Excited – That I may pee my pants
Nervous – The middle-east is planning their revenge on you
Worried – That your Ford sucks
Apathetic – That you need a sex-change
Silly – That I’m allergic to your earlobes
Cuddly – That Santa doesn’t exist
Ashamed – That there is no solution to you being a dumb kid
Other – That your driving sucks

8 ) What’s the color of your walls in your bedroom?
White – Your toe ring
Yellow – Your love letters to me
Red – The pictures from Vegas
Black – Your pet rock
Blue – The couch cushions
Green – Your car
Orange – Your false teeth
Brown – Your nose hair clippers
Grey – Our matching snoopy underwear
Purple – Your old New Kids on the Block blanket
Pink – The cut toenails
Other – Your Hannah Montana underwear

9) The first letter of your first name?
A/B – My virginity
C/D – Your photo with the mustache drawn on it
E/F – Your neighbors dog
G/H – The oil tank from your car
I/J – Your left ear
K/L – The results of that blood-sample
M/N – Your glass eye
O/P – My common sense
Q/R – Your mom
S/T – Your collection of butterflies
U/V – Your criminal record
W/X – Your sucide note
Y/Z – Your credit cards

10) The last letter in your last name?
A/B – Love your sweet, sweet ass
C/D – Always will remember the pep talks
E/F -Never will forget that night
G/H – Will not tell the authorities that you stole the whale from the backyard.
I/J – Mocked you behind your back constantly
K/L – Hate your cooking
M/N – Told in my confession today about the moose poaching
O/P – Told my psychiatrist about the bruises
Q/R – Always wanted to break your legs
S/T – Get sick when I think of your feet
U/V – Will try to forget that you broke my heart
W/X – Haven’t showered in a month
Y/Z – am better off without you

11) What do you prefer to drink?
Wine- Our friendship is ruined
Soft drink – I’m off to lead a new life as a lemon
Soda – I will haunt you when I’m reincarnated as an Eskimo
Milk – The apartment building is on fire
Water – I’m scratching my butt as you read this
Cider– I have a passionate interest for miceJuice – You ruined my attempts at another world war
Mineral/Vitamin water – You should get that embarrassing rash checked
Hot chocolate – Your Cucumber-fetishism is weird
Whiskey – I love Oprah Winfrey
Beer – Thanks for the Cocaine
Other – you should stop picking your nose

12) To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?
Thailand – Warm tingly sensations
Australia – Best of luck on the sex change
France – Love always
Spain – With tears of sadness
China – You make me sick
Germany – Please don’t hurt me
Japan – Go milk a cow
Greece – Your everlasting enemy
USA – Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt – Kiss my butt
England – Go drown yourself


Saturday, August 29, 2009


I cleaned my bathroom today. Just one word: spotless.
Man I'm proud of myself and my good cleaning skills that not everybody knows about ;D

But let's cut to the chase now. Today seems to be the last day in which I can play games and I won't miss a second of it (yes, i'm playing games right at this moment)
So tomorrow school starts and the legacy of studying for PMR with it.
Though nothing to worry about, Monday's a holiday ~
and my mom's birthday O:
What to get?

It's late,
better get some sleep for some long long speech the teacher's gonna give tomorrow.
Hasta la vista

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I don't understand

-is why people are different via internet then who they really are in real life
-why people who call themselves Islam dress like an American PERR [short for a really bad word]
-why some people's moodswings happen in a flash
-is why people do the LALA pose, what is up with that, its not even pretty
-is why I don't have much of an apetite like before, its as if someone cut my intestines short
-is why some people who look cool
aren't cool at ALL
-is why people [teenagers mostly] say that a feeling towards someone is natural and you can't help it and end up breaking the rules of Islam that forbid us to, how to say, COUPLE with each other.
-is why some people treat you like an alternative
-is why people want the world to know what they're in too which pretty much shows how unhonest they are about that thing

-is why people try to act cute. Dude, if your not, your not.
-is why people talk too loudly in public areas
-is why people are just so lazy when it comes to work and make a decision to do it later, but eventually its YOU who will do it in the end, so just get on with it from the start
-is why people treat you nicely today and treat you like hell the next
-is why some people are SO desperate to look good, its not as if the whole world is gonna look down on you if you don't
-is why some people [not fat people] put a caption on their pics saying 'i know i'm fat, so what?' First thing is, i think nobody said you were fat and second of all, what if you're fat anyway? You're gonna be the ugliest person on earth? I don't see real fat people complaining.

No offence okhay :D

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mr. Michael Jackson

such tragic news has devoured us.

Pop icon Michael Jackson died on Thursday after suffering a cardiac arrest, multiple US media outlets reported, sending shockwaves around the entertainment world. The Los Angeles Times and celebrity news website reported Jackson, 50, died after suffering an arrest just after 12:00 pm (1900 GMT) local time and paramedics were unable to revive him.

911 tape

On June 26, the Los Angeles Fire Department released the recording of the 911 call:
Caller: Uh, I have a, we have a gentleman here that needs help and he stopped breathing. He’s not breathing and we need to - we’re trying to pump him but he’s not...
Dispatcher: OK, OK, how old is he?
Caller: He’s uh, 50 years old, sir.
Dispatcher: 50? OK. He’s unconscious? He’s not breathing?
Caller: Yes, he’s not breathing, sir.
Dispatcher: OK, and he’s not conscious either?
Caller: He’s not conscious, sir.
The dispatcher asks the caller to move Jackson from the bed to the floor, to begin CPR. The caller replies that a doctor is already there doing CPR.
Caller: Yes, we have a personal doctor here with him sir.
Dispatcher: Oh, you have a doctor there?
Caller: Yes, but he’s not responding to anything. No, he’s not responding to CPR or anything.
Dispatcher: Oh, OK. Well, we’re on our way there. If your guy’s doing CPR, or instructed by a doctor he’s a higher authority than me and he’s there on scene. Did anybody witness what happened?
Caller: Uh, no, just the doctor sir. The doctor’s been the only one here.
Dispatcher: OK, so did the doctor see what happened?
Caller: Um, doctor did you see what happened? (inaudible) He’s just, um, if you can please ...
News of Jackson's death spread quickly online, causing websites to crash and slow down from user overload. Google believed it was under attack from hackers, while Twitter reported a crash.AIM an instant messaging service operated by AOL collapsed for 40 minutes, and Wikipedia crashed at 3:15 PDT. AOL called it a "seminal moment in Internet history," adding, "We've never seen anything like it in terms of scope or depth."

goodbye Michael Jackson. ):

Thursday, June 4, 2009

drastic changes

shiver me timbers!
what's happened to everybodyy??
all those people i knew
at least i thought i knew them

all of em
have disappeared!
i don't mean disappear disappear
i mean

the THEM i knew is GONE
who in the world knows where they are
this is freaking me out.


Monday, June 1, 2009

time flies so fast

i didn't know it was June already.but i was sure
it was a MONDAY
but June? whoa. time flies so fast

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

me trying shakespeare

there's so many things i don't understand.
not a single living being that roams this world will ever understand me.
so far i've realized only me, myself can
but wouldn't it be nice if i could find someone that i can tell everything to.
i can't say that someone is a new friend.
i have friends.
great friends
and i have best friends.
and they are fantastic.
i want that someone to help me understand everything.
its all to difficult to figure it out alone.
i believe that i will someday
but the question is
am i close to finding that person?
or have i not started yet?
how far will i go to find you?
and do i really need you at the moment?
yes i need those answers.
but right now
must i know the answers?
i have a lot going on to be honest with.
i have a mission
i must complete it
things like this can wait
can't they?
or must they be unfolded now
and later on, i can complete my mission with flow?
the more i ponder
the more i get confused
so what to do now?
i wonder.

adapted from the heart of one.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


kelab kembara dan pelancongan tis my club.
and just this friday we had a trip
to bukit merah ;)
i'ver never been to bukit merah (suprise suprise). bt m
y mom said i have when i was a kid.
its not like i remember anything when i was tiny.
well anyways
i just have to make a statement that
tambun is way better~
long live tambun!

the best part about bukit merah was that me and my friends became a baby sitter to two austrailian kids.hee
they were so cuteee.

man i miss them
jessey and adam~
and then
i met a whole party of japanese people.
they took pictures of me :)
wish they could take me home with them.

i love my apartment. for some reason.haha
we had BBQ and stuff
it was great.

Monday, April 13, 2009

on a piece of paper

as i sit here today (13/4/2009) on my desk,
and as the clock is ticking from 2214 to 2215,
i will write on this paper before me,
the things i shall do tomorrow
firstly, i hope that i take this piece of paper with me
secondly, i shall concentrate more
in class.
thirdly, i will not eat a lot or maybe not eat at all
i'm turning fat.
and after school,
i shall go to more & save
buy tracing papers.

that is all.

i love charlie brown

Monday, March 30, 2009

pure curiosity

{who uses these brackets?}

Sunday, March 29, 2009

the quest

Go to your photos folder in your computer
Go to the 6th folder of photos
Go to the 6th picture in that folder
Put the picture in your blog and a description of it.
Invite 6 friends to join the challenge
Link them in your blog to let them know they've been CHALLENGED!

That's Ayie, my bro. This was taken at the Ayer Merah mosque, during my other brother's akad nikah.
I have so many brothers.
He's taking a video in here, if it wasn't obvious.

The next few people to take this challenge are:

1. Myra
2. Bella
2. Yunie

Well that's it.

earth hour :D

it was fun somehow.
i screamed at my neighbours that didn't shut their lights off.
well you gotta do what you gotta do when it comes to saving our earth :)

my room almost got burned from all the candles @_@
did i mention it was so hot?
well it was.
and i had to open the air-con
i mean, i accidentally opened it (hee)
it was hot!

now i feel guilty
i'll make my own earth hour.yea

Saturday, March 7, 2009

ode to hanna

what the title said.

we've been friends for so long
that's why i wrote you this song
funny how i almost forgot your birthday
but i got you a present anyway
you talk too much
your stories have become a bunch
i could even make a
book out of it
and sell it at the flea market
then i'll be known world wide B)
just like J.K rowling and her tales of harry potter
except this is about you my friend the continuous talker
so in 10 years to be
don't you dare forget about me
the one who's wrote all about you
and this song too


Saturday, February 28, 2009

tribute to chah

its been so long.
too long.
60 days.
2 months.
and during those long days i've been away, i dedicated myself to being someone who'll make my family proud, from my great great great great GREAT grandparents to my nephew's and nieces whom i need to set a good example to.
and in those times,
i wrote a song to chah.

you like, 10 feet long sausages
and japanese boys in dresses
your eyes, shine in the moonlight
like edward from the movie twilight
which makes me wanna vomit
inside your pocket
but then your pocket's ripped
and it'll go to your shoes and make you trip.
but don't worry my friend,
i'll always give you a hand
so ends my tribute.

what i really mean is that this year,
i can't fool around anymore
i can't stay up to play games until the next day anymore
i can't eat asam anymore
i can't learn how to ride a bicycle
and a tricycle
i can't wash my shoes anymore
i can't play with yoko anymore
i can't finish my games
and the worst is,
i can't play games