Monday, November 30, 2009

Its after midnight

ohio gozaimase minna-san! :D
if time didn't spoke
than i'll tell you ,
its 30th November today!
which makes me, officially 15
yes, its my birthday !
what's so great about birthdays.
well first off. there's the wishes
that's whats best.
[thanks so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :D]
there were tears.
haha :D
then there's the birthday parties.
but i haven't done one since
5 years ago?
not a party fan that much.
and the 3rd best part
are the presents ~
i like those :)
i like them a lott.
and i'd like to make a 'Thank You tribute'
[i hate touching parts.but when else am i gonna do one?]
thank you
to my parents who raised me with love and care
thank you
to my friends who showed me laughter and fun
thank you

Sunday, November 22, 2009


its doing it again.

man i'm sick of it.
what is wrong with you?
its soo annoying @_@
ish :|

stupid laptop.

soo slooooow.cos of the heavy japanese drama i've been opening? hmm. maybe :D
well lets put that aside now since i alrea
dy restarted it.
and ALL those videos i've been waiting to fully load are gone :|
but nevermind. patience is part of our iman. there's always next time.

well anyways
has anyone watched Akahana no Sensei yet?
there's Kamiki Ryunosuke
he's so kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
i've watched ep. 1 so far
oh kamiki :)

kamiki ~ grrr
NO NO NO. must not forget Inoo!

inoo :*
still i'm afraid i'll fall in love with Kamiki. haha
i can't.

how am i going to watch Akahana no Sensei? O_O
*patience patience*

but but
Inoo is more kawaii :D


Friday, November 20, 2009

Twas a parents' request

my mom made me follow my dad to Kelantan ):

no offences Kelantan folks :D

well at least there's internet and a shopping mall right next to me hotel

tomorrow we'll be going back already

and back on the ziggly wiggly winding road :|

well *coughs*mybirthdayiscomingup*coughs*


where's everyone? isn't it cf time?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

now that i've started posting,
i don't want to stop :D
but i don't know what write :D
so let's just talk about common things :D

1.its been raining almost everyday, hasn't it? and friends go out to A.S Mall every week for the movies. haha
3.lately, i've been seeing a lot of people eating KFC
4.right now i'm waiting for my friends to start p
laying Luna Online. [cepat, nak lawan boss sama2]
5.what time shall i sleep today? laptop gets so hot easily
7.i watched Pisau Cukur yesterday. firstly, yea, it was a Malay movie BUT it was..fantastic ;)
8.what should i do after this?

9.i'm wearing my HEY SAY JUMP t-shirt right now
10.inoo and yuto so kawaiiiiiii
11.tiap2 malam mesti ada conference

what else?

i guess that's it?

then let's move on

haha.mira oh mira

Tadaima :)

so how long has it been since my last post?
too long i guess.
well i'm back now ;D

so while i was waiting for my Luna character to fill th
e HP bar, i might as well update this thing
but does anyone even read my blog? haha

well anyways, a lot happened right after PMR was over.
boring things
fun things

so let's do some picture spamming~ yeah :D

tresspassing the music room part 1

tresspassing the music room part 2

there's a lot more pictures
but i'm too lazy to upload em' :)
so until next time folks

p/s try the english (pirate) language in facebook. you won't regret.arrr.please be meetin' ya mateys' after so long.arrr.