Saturday, August 29, 2009


I cleaned my bathroom today. Just one word: spotless.
Man I'm proud of myself and my good cleaning skills that not everybody knows about ;D

But let's cut to the chase now. Today seems to be the last day in which I can play games and I won't miss a second of it (yes, i'm playing games right at this moment)
So tomorrow school starts and the legacy of studying for PMR with it.
Though nothing to worry about, Monday's a holiday ~
and my mom's birthday O:
What to get?

It's late,
better get some sleep for some long long speech the teacher's gonna give tomorrow.
Hasta la vista

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What I don't understand

-is why people are different via internet then who they really are in real life
-why people who call themselves Islam dress like an American PERR [short for a really bad word]
-why some people's moodswings happen in a flash
-is why people do the LALA pose, what is up with that, its not even pretty
-is why I don't have much of an apetite like before, its as if someone cut my intestines short
-is why some people who look cool
aren't cool at ALL
-is why people [teenagers mostly] say that a feeling towards someone is natural and you can't help it and end up breaking the rules of Islam that forbid us to, how to say, COUPLE with each other.
-is why some people treat you like an alternative
-is why people want the world to know what they're in too which pretty much shows how unhonest they are about that thing

-is why people try to act cute. Dude, if your not, your not.
-is why people talk too loudly in public areas
-is why people are just so lazy when it comes to work and make a decision to do it later, but eventually its YOU who will do it in the end, so just get on with it from the start
-is why people treat you nicely today and treat you like hell the next
-is why some people are SO desperate to look good, its not as if the whole world is gonna look down on you if you don't
-is why some people [not fat people] put a caption on their pics saying 'i know i'm fat, so what?' First thing is, i think nobody said you were fat and second of all, what if you're fat anyway? You're gonna be the ugliest person on earth? I don't see real fat people complaining.

No offence okhay :D