Sunday, December 27, 2009

《devoured by happiness 》

this post might be a little bit late
but still,

does the picture say it ?

syukur alhamdulilah.
i just can't believe it. did i really do it ? did i really get 8A's? did i? if i woke up tomorrow and found out it was all dream, i'd punch my stomach >_< so everything finally payed off! i'm just so grateful :'( to Allah to my teachers, thank you is not enough to my family to my friends and to myself, you did great :D hahaha. so,
now its spm ?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

《 so tomorrow is the day 》

That date, is the date, i'll finally find out. After much pursuing life with books and compasses and calculators and what not, tis time i know the outcome. Scary ain't it? lailai. its been a weird day today. the nerves are kicking my stomach and making me all nervous like i'm about to ride a roller coaster. yabai~ i don't wanna go to school tomorrow. i don't wanna go into the hall and the atmosphere will be all scary and nervous. it'll make me even more nervous O_O *sigh* but whatever happens. i'll accept it. if it doesn't turn out the way i want it to, then i'm sure Allah has promised a better day for me, insyAllah.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

《 i'm just another troublemaker 》

gomenasai everyone. to whom i have caused trouble to. and if i hurt you, i really am sorry. i'm not purposely doing this. it just happens. i hate myself for that. lately all i've been doing is cause trouble to my friends. i'm sorry guys, you always light up my day, but i always tend to put a cloud over it. i am very grateful to have friends like you, but its just me whose not good enough. once again, i hate myself for that. i don't want to see the distance breaking between us. i want it to stay like it used to. but why is this all happening ? maybe i should go away. so i won't hurt anyone anymore. lily, bella, chibi, i truly am sorry. guilt is running through my vines. i know you guys said you'll take care of me if i get sick, :'( and thank you for saying that. but i can't. i just feel useless now. i feel, lenguh, and not quite in the mood. these things, why do they happen? :'( i guess its Allah's test upon me. i'll be patient and accept it. though i'm sorry i hurt anyone. i don't deserve to have friends like you guys. however can i repay you ?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

《 Okairi, Rayyan Iman Fridaus :D 》

What happened today:
My nephew Iman is here :) crying and sleeping and eating. and repeating it again. and guess what? my favorite pyjama pants just go ripped and i just found out before i wrote this sentence. oh man :( aa. i helped my mom make pizza today. bon apetite. and what else? OH. music station, this 25th Dec, there's gonna be HSJ, KAT-TUN, and even BIGBANG. its a MUST watch. but does animax still air music station? *sigh* asdfghj. oh yeah. why are there 6 cars at my house? invisible people i don't know of are invading ? O_O

allow me to introduce Gale Beggy.
she [he to be precise] is the funniest video i have ever seen !

Friday, December 11, 2009

《 Kamiki again 》

i'm liking you everyday :D
but i'll never forget Inoo :D :D

i love this picture [lily sah nak curi dah ni]

this calls for a numbering trivia
1) when is Akahana no Sensei ep 7 gonna be uploaded? i can't wait already @_@
2) and why is youtube slow? the slowness is killing me >_< 3) when am i gonna go to IKEA already ? my dream room is already planned. 4) why is everyday getting boring-er? 5) why do i cry a lot lately [woops] 6) PMR results are getting nearer, and so will the end of my life. 7) so now what? *sigh* well at least there's collegehumour to make my day

Sunday, December 6, 2009

hello world?


[sorry no idea for a title again]
i woke up at 6.30 am. [slept at 3.30 :O]
idn't go back to sleep
tell me i rock :D
i had add math tuition.

{so now i know what these brackets are for}
{i'll call you add math brackets}

Note to self:
the most important terminology : set 1 [the domain] on graph is on the x-axis :D

Another note:
this is only the BEGINNING
so that's why i can say,
add math is far

my room is clean again :D
yay! now i can make it dirty again
no rule in this house says i can't eat in my room.weee
speaking of rooms,
i need IKEA!
my wardrobe is a bust.

now you know what's bugging me lately?
PMR results are coming out pretty soon
every time i think about it my stomach starts to whirl
i'd be the happiest person on earth if i got 8A's
i have to say it,
what if i don't?
i know i shouldn't say things like this but wouldn't this question run through your mind too?
i have to think positively but i need to worry too.
if i don't get it and all my friends did?
i wish someone could tell me its okay if i don't get 8A's..
but they can't, can they?
all that's left for me to do is bertawakal and berdoa.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

ode to the old days

gosh. i remember PMR like it was just yesterday. sitting in that big hall. KCO67077 was it? haha. on my left was Put, Farrah on my right Azira in front and Haziqah behind me. see i told you i remembered :D and that friendly pengawas peperiksaan who had too much perfume on. i dropped my pen and he picked it up for me. its all still clear to me. the nerves, the fear, the happiness of when it ended. i kind of miss it all. after our papers where done we had to go to the canteen and my mom would be waiting there with my lunch. then me and friends would all go to the surau for a last minute recap of everyhing. then we'd pray. then we'd go back and line up in the canteen while Teacher Zarina reminded us to have our certificate and IC and all that stuff in our hands. its something i'll never forget :'(
goodbye PMR.
ahh. and right after that i spent my day at mira's house watching Gokusen 3 with chah, bella and alia.
and then we did sleepovers. man i miss that.
it all happened in a flash. and now i'm sitting here in my livin
g room, quite bored actually, wishing that i can go back in time. no, wishing that time could stop. i don't want to move on. i don't know what to expect next year. would it be better? or worse? will i still keep in touch with my friends? or will they forget me and i forget them? it could happen right? but i hope it won't. ahh, i got to stop before i start crying.
let's stay together forever :D

oh. i found this er song/poem? i wrote
during the days before PMR
good times goo
d times.

13 Sept 2009,
How many days are left?
time is the greatest theft
i can't go back to the days
where we shout hip-hip hurrays
let's wipe the dust off our h
istory books
and start studying by hook or by crook
i'll have to start from scratch
it's just like adding more rocks in the sack
but however it may be
i can't wait to see, the outcome of my legacy
i hope to crave a smile
as wide as a mile
i'll make everyone proud
until the wolrd
turns the other way round
but the best part for me,
i'll finally get that PSP

8A's here i come~


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just for fun

there's this picture i found which i really like..for some reason.haha

and since lily posted a picture of her cafe world.. :D

its still ugly, but i'm working on it :D
o yeah,
i already made this post
but accidentally posted it in mira's blog
forgot to sign out :D

what was i doing in mira's blog?
hoho that's a secret ;)

Tribute to Myka-chan :)

so you might, no MUST be wondering. who on earth is Myka-chan?
its a-what you call it? combo name?
which lily-san made up.
now i know some might not understand this.
its just a little tribute to my friend.
so here's my little speech then.

i believe you guys are the perfect soulmate.
trust me.
don't cry when you're not suppose to!
cheer up always :D
otanjobi omedato myka-chan! :)
i dont' know hat else to say.

over and out

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to my titless post

i'm bad at making titles. so like,
nevermind that part.
i have to let this out:

[the following should be read really fast]
i mean i tried those out myself and i'm no good at come they are so handy in photoshop and all that.i mean TEACH me.[even though i use GIMP,which is som
ething i highly recommend since its free ;D] i spent like what? 2 3? hours on ONE banner that really sucks.i know i'm new at it and all but HOW? HOW?
@_@ i need a super nerd brain or what.
practicing i know i know.but STILL.where do they learn all those stuff?is there some secret society or something.i am craving for creativeness and handiness to bloom on me.this is seriously cringing me up.i feel so small.

so enough of that.
moving on to the big news:

Y 15!

haha.well i guess its a little bit late cos my birthday was yesterday :D
argh.i don't wanna grow up.i mean.i'll miss 15, i surely will :'(

well anyways
calling all HSJ fans~ [esp HSB]

this is a MUST READ! :D

HSB Ideal Girl Code

[Inoo, you seriously want me to wear a skirt? LMAO]
well i'm not gonna post it here so go read it yourself

click the love ^^

you see this?
its Inoo's signature board that he throws to the audience during their 2008 spring con.
and you know what it says?
"It's not a coincidence that you caught this. It's destiny. (laughs)"
i'll kill whoever got that.
still Inoo, you rock my world :D

p/s my laptop has turned from a crazy machine to a maniac disaster device :|

well good night folks ;)