Tuesday, December 30, 2008

not an ideal trip

i've always hated travelling. it's not that i get car sick or anything, i just don't like being away from home.
i went to a few places. but the worst was CAMERON.
i woke up that morning knowing already that the worse was to come. stopped by wancho's, then granny's. then somewhere between 4 to 5pm, i was on the road to cameron, the dizzy, wiggily winding road. did i mention there were 4 other families going with us. yea, well one of them got their c
ar broken. and they got no choice but to ride with us. so there were exactly 7 people in the car. O_O
and just when i couldn't feel my legs the road was jammed! filled with cars to the very top of the hill.(and i thought there was some tanah runtuh or something, but it wasn't, it was because of a pasar malam. yes, a PASAR MALAM) and then it started to rain. it was already 7pm but the jam didn't move and so suddenly the car reached 120 degrees and my dad had to pull over to wait for it to 'cool'. after it did, the lifelong journey was continued. it was 8.15pm. still not getting nearer to the hotel. and just when things couldn't get any more worse, the car broke down. it wouldn't start at all. it just made some rumblling noises. guess the car, like me, didn't think it could stand another minute up that road. and so i was standing there, in the middle of nowhere, waiting for one of my dad's friend to pick us up. he showed up and brought us to the hotel. and let me tell you, it was the stupidest hotel i ever been to (well it was free :O). the hallway to hotel room had some couches and some of them didn't have any cushions! (not the pillow cushions, the cuhsion that you're supposed to SIT on)

breakfast made no difference. all the tables were full. so we had to sit in the karoke room that was across the breakfast room or whatever you call it. we had to carry our food across the lobby -where people were looking- to the karoke room. then my mom said she wants to get some more food. like it isn't bad enough that you have to cross the lobby, carrying an orange juice.
there's nothing in cameron. all there is are strawberries and plants and umbrellas shapped like strawberries. and it never stopped raining. and the road were still filled with cars. so pratically we can't go anywhere without getting stuck in the lot.

i hate strawberries

so i vowed to never ever come back to cameron ever again, ever.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

my first sushi in pahang

a memorial of the greatest sushi ever tasted
would you just look at that (careful not to drool now). i've never had sushi before and this would be my very first. and it tasted goood. it tasted like heaven on a chopstick. and it all happened in pahang. i hate the seaweed though. i felt like throwing up at first. it tasted as if you just ate an expired can of tuna. but i like the one with the not-raw fish on it. and then abg eddy ordered some more to take home. and..without the sushi people looking, i took some chopsticks! mwahahahaha.

actually i didn't take the chopsticks at all. i'm not THAT evil. i'm more of the burn the school to ashes evil. :O

i ate this wasabi thing too.
if k.wanie didn't tell me that it was some kind of japanese sauce i would have ate it whole and thought that it was pulut. it was well, spicy. but its like a different kind of spicy. i felt like i was in another dimension. i like the small and green 'kicap' packets they give. my mom took some of the packets and put it in her handbag O_O. and i was like 'mom...what are you doin..?' she said, 'simpan kenangan'.

a tale of woe

its the holidays. the time when we students are freed from the cruel world of paper assignments and protractors and the most evil of them all-the rigid and pointy compases. at least, its supposed to be.
my teacher, (we'll call her Ms.F) left us some work for the holidays. a minimum of 10 page folio about the 'sistem pengangkutan of Malaysia'.
it didn't sound all that bad at first. i was like 'heck, i can do this'. yea right i can. i didn't even know where to begin with. so me and my friends went to the library to 'discuss' about our failure in the making of the folio. well we got some pretty good 'isi' for the folio thingy. and all was left was to elaborate them. boy was it hard.
i had some difficulties spelling the word 'infrastruktur', i don't know why but its like so HARD. it made my fingers tie into a knot! :O (i mean, there's so many R's and U's n T's. what's up with that.tch)
it was so SENSUAL.haha.
not only did i have the finger-binding folio to do but i also had tuition.mathemtics tuition.
it was pointless really cos i didn't understand anything.
yes, anything.
well now i have a four page folio. 6 more to go.