Saturday, February 28, 2009

tribute to chah

its been so long.
too long.
60 days.
2 months.
and during those long days i've been away, i dedicated myself to being someone who'll make my family proud, from my great great great great GREAT grandparents to my nephew's and nieces whom i need to set a good example to.
and in those times,
i wrote a song to chah.

you like, 10 feet long sausages
and japanese boys in dresses
your eyes, shine in the moonlight
like edward from the movie twilight
which makes me wanna vomit
inside your pocket
but then your pocket's ripped
and it'll go to your shoes and make you trip.
but don't worry my friend,
i'll always give you a hand
so ends my tribute.

what i really mean is that this year,
i can't fool around anymore
i can't stay up to play games until the next day anymore
i can't eat asam anymore
i can't learn how to ride a bicycle
and a tricycle
i can't wash my shoes anymore
i can't play with yoko anymore
i can't finish my games
and the worst is,
i can't play games


  1. massy, where hve you been?
    anyway, great work ;)

  2. yeah.chah tripped and i nvr helped her got bck up. aha.
    thnks yunie,
    i've been
    well,away. :D

  3. haha.
    it;s funny.
    sad too.
    poor chah.