Monday, November 30, 2009

Its after midnight

ohio gozaimase minna-san! :D
if time didn't spoke
than i'll tell you ,
its 30th November today!
which makes me, officially 15
yes, its my birthday !
what's so great about birthdays.
well first off. there's the wishes
that's whats best.
[thanks so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday :D]
there were tears.
haha :D
then there's the birthday parties.
but i haven't done one since
5 years ago?
not a party fan that much.
and the 3rd best part
are the presents ~
i like those :)
i like them a lott.
and i'd like to make a 'Thank You tribute'
[i hate touching parts.but when else am i gonna do one?]
thank you
to my parents who raised me with love and care
thank you
to my friends who showed me laughter and fun
thank you

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