Monday, February 8, 2010

《how is it ? 》

suprise ? welcome to my newly and improved blog :D you likee ?
its pretty blank and empty.but that's the way i like it :D
oh and notice the 4 buttons on top ? do click XD
yes well maybe it might be hard to navigate for this new layout of mine :|
the part i hate about this layout is the fact that i can't put my followers box and comment board @_@
gahh.but i'll try and get one done :D

well that layout has gone bye-bye.
so, this one? you know you like it :>

can i tell you some bad news ? :'(
my Bahasa Melayu teacher is in the ICU :'(
cikgu Sharafudin :'(
walaupun baru ja jadi cikgu BM satu bulan, tapi sedeh gila :'(
dah la xleh masok ICU tu @_@
semoga cepat sembuh cikgu :'(
my prayers will be with you :)

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