Saturday, December 27, 2008

my first sushi in pahang

a memorial of the greatest sushi ever tasted
would you just look at that (careful not to drool now). i've never had sushi before and this would be my very first. and it tasted goood. it tasted like heaven on a chopstick. and it all happened in pahang. i hate the seaweed though. i felt like throwing up at first. it tasted as if you just ate an expired can of tuna. but i like the one with the not-raw fish on it. and then abg eddy ordered some more to take home. and..without the sushi people looking, i took some chopsticks! mwahahahaha.

actually i didn't take the chopsticks at all. i'm not THAT evil. i'm more of the burn the school to ashes evil. :O

i ate this wasabi thing too.
if k.wanie didn't tell me that it was some kind of japanese sauce i would have ate it whole and thought that it was pulut. it was well, spicy. but its like a different kind of spicy. i felt like i was in another dimension. i like the small and green 'kicap' packets they give. my mom took some of the packets and put it in her handbag O_O. and i was like 'mom...what are you doin..?' she said, 'simpan kenangan'.

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