Saturday, December 27, 2008

a tale of woe

its the holidays. the time when we students are freed from the cruel world of paper assignments and protractors and the most evil of them all-the rigid and pointy compases. at least, its supposed to be.
my teacher, (we'll call her Ms.F) left us some work for the holidays. a minimum of 10 page folio about the 'sistem pengangkutan of Malaysia'.
it didn't sound all that bad at first. i was like 'heck, i can do this'. yea right i can. i didn't even know where to begin with. so me and my friends went to the library to 'discuss' about our failure in the making of the folio. well we got some pretty good 'isi' for the folio thingy. and all was left was to elaborate them. boy was it hard.
i had some difficulties spelling the word 'infrastruktur', i don't know why but its like so HARD. it made my fingers tie into a knot! :O (i mean, there's so many R's and U's n T's. what's up with that.tch)
it was so SENSUAL.haha.
not only did i have the finger-binding folio to do but i also had tuition.mathemtics tuition.
it was pointless really cos i didn't understand anything.
yes, anything.
well now i have a four page folio. 6 more to go.

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