Tuesday, May 12, 2009


kelab kembara dan pelancongan tis my club.
and just this friday we had a trip
to bukit merah ;)
i'ver never been to bukit merah (suprise suprise). bt m
y mom said i have when i was a kid.
its not like i remember anything when i was tiny.
well anyways
i just have to make a statement that
tambun is way better~
long live tambun!

the best part about bukit merah was that me and my friends became a baby sitter to two austrailian kids.hee
they were so cuteee.

man i miss them
jessey and adam~
and then
i met a whole party of japanese people.
they took pictures of me :)
wish they could take me home with them.

i love my apartment. for some reason.haha
we had BBQ and stuff
it was great.


  1. wah. sounds fun!
    you get to babysit 2 australian kids? cool!
    imy, massy!