Saturday, April 17, 2010

《an early birthday present 》

So i woke up pretty early today. Right after subuh i didn't go back to sleep (and is very sleepy at the moment). When it was time, i went to the 24-hour KFC near the stadium place and had a discussion about the debate topic and stuff. okay, then my parents went to check out the Suzuki store for a new car. Honestly, the Swift is ugly (no offence to swift users :D). Then i had thoughts about what my future car would be like. Woo. So then, got home, ate siakap fish which my mom made herself and was superbly delicious! 5★s mommy! And so who knows what today would turn out to be in the end.

Moving on to the topic which I promise to tell, birthdays and birthday presentssss :D

Dear Hanna (my posts seems to be a lot about you :O),
どうもありがとうあなたは最高です!  わたしは、あなたを愛していますあなたはあまり話(mwahaha)

Literally saying, thanks a whole bunch of sunflower-sunshine-filled-flowers for Nahan :DDD

Oh, and for the ‘second gift’ too. Hoho. I still hate you because you’re getting a macbook before me. But overall I…I…l-love you XD Now you unrelated people must be wondering what a Nahan is. Its my monkey teddy bear. Its cute and its brown and its fluffy. Yes, a fluffy monkey :3 I love lave lurve monkeys. I do. Its weird? Mind you then. And why Nahan? Well the name has its own history. A deep dark history which needs not be shared to the blogger world. Thanks again bidou granmanie-sannn! hahahha. i'm gonna go get you a better present than that headphone XD kor club for ever and ever.

Till we meet another day. Adios mi amigos.

Oh hang on. i forgot about the birthdayS part :D

To HeySayJUMP! members who will never know i wished them a happy brithday; Keitoo~, Takaki Yuyann~, Morimoto-kun and Dai-chan   ♥♥♥♥! You have all grown older, which i'm afraid i have to say, i feel sad about XD but there's nothing i can do about that. goodbye to your kawaii youthness and hello to shuper handsomeness. woo. however i shall be your #1 fan till the day i grow out of all this fangirl-ing business :D please continue to rock my pleasent world. aishiteru!


Mood:  teehee.


  1. hahahhha yes XD
    the name has a very special meaning o.

  2. XD nama boipren tuu.hahahha.
    O_O okay that was a joke.its my friend's name hanna tebalikkan jadi nahan.LOL~

  3. to be continued kan.spesel sikit.bentar ya buk

  4. woww,nahan,hee
    comey. nahan+kate.xD