Saturday, June 19, 2010

《i'm such a liar》

I'm such a liar. Yea, forget the previous post about continuing the birthday episode. Sorry ma friends. I'm just so lazy. It's been like, 2 months since my previous post and heck no am I gonna continue it. I'm such a meanie :p
So blame it all on my lazyness. It just can't help over powering me. *sigh* What happened to the little girl who used to stay up all night studying until there was no tomorrow? (obviously a lie) Well I wasn't as lazy as I am now.
And school is starting tomorrow. Should I be thrilled? The holidays seriously ARE so UBER duper BORING. But I rather be as boring as a tree than start getting homework and facing the wrath of my teacher scolding me on my not-so-good exam results. I know I'm gonna flunk. Dang, I wish I was a genius (I know everybody does, but I can still dream)
So the things that happened; 

1. Went on my first camping trip, it was painful/scary/fun (It rained that night so the tent was like flooded so we all slept in the chalet-so much for 'camping') 
2. Climbed G.Jerai till the very top :D (I thought I'd feel HAPPY or something but I was like; 'that's all they got? tch.' )
3. Umm went to only 1 kenduri out of 20. hahahha. 
4. Went to IKEA but barely bought anything.

OMG that's it?
Hahahaha. Well hasta la vista folks. See you in about another decade or something. 
Oh yeah, here's me promoting my twitter:
yay me!

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