Thursday, December 3, 2009

ode to the old days

gosh. i remember PMR like it was just yesterday. sitting in that big hall. KCO67077 was it? haha. on my left was Put, Farrah on my right Azira in front and Haziqah behind me. see i told you i remembered :D and that friendly pengawas peperiksaan who had too much perfume on. i dropped my pen and he picked it up for me. its all still clear to me. the nerves, the fear, the happiness of when it ended. i kind of miss it all. after our papers where done we had to go to the canteen and my mom would be waiting there with my lunch. then me and friends would all go to the surau for a last minute recap of everyhing. then we'd pray. then we'd go back and line up in the canteen while Teacher Zarina reminded us to have our certificate and IC and all that stuff in our hands. its something i'll never forget :'(
goodbye PMR.
ahh. and right after that i spent my day at mira's house watching Gokusen 3 with chah, bella and alia.
and then we did sleepovers. man i miss that.
it all happened in a flash. and now i'm sitting here in my livin
g room, quite bored actually, wishing that i can go back in time. no, wishing that time could stop. i don't want to move on. i don't know what to expect next year. would it be better? or worse? will i still keep in touch with my friends? or will they forget me and i forget them? it could happen right? but i hope it won't. ahh, i got to stop before i start crying.
let's stay together forever :D

oh. i found this er song/poem? i wrote
during the days before PMR
good times goo
d times.

13 Sept 2009,
How many days are left?
time is the greatest theft
i can't go back to the days
where we shout hip-hip hurrays
let's wipe the dust off our h
istory books
and start studying by hook or by crook
i'll have to start from scratch
it's just like adding more rocks in the sack
but however it may be
i can't wait to see, the outcome of my legacy
i hope to crave a smile
as wide as a mile
i'll make everyone proud
until the wolrd
turns the other way round
but the best part for me,
i'll finally get that PSP

8A's here i come~



  1. massy chan~~
    we will be friend 4 eva,,
    remember that,,
    we will keep in touch!!
    although we not together T_T
    mas u make me start crying....

  2. bell-chan~
    wuuu.i hope so too.
    sob sob

  3. massy.
    waaaaaa :((
    i'm crying now.
    *sob sob*
    we'll owez be friends.
    whatever happens.
    eventhough if some of our friends.
    are going to mrsm :(
    we will be friends.
    forever :)

  4. i made you cry?
    *blink blink face*
    forever ne?

  5. massy ! u make me cried * sobs *
    why you !!
    gosh ! i wont forget you !!
    ur my best cutiey sweet friends i ever had !!
    and and , dont forget me will ya ?

    aha , yeah , still remember the day u all came to my house , " ambush " my kitchen just to get what to eat , and what left just a mess. LOL xD
    but i really enjoy that day , that time when we're all laughing , happy PMR was finally over , oh man , i miss that time ! ;D

    yaah , u'r doing great again by writing some sorts of lyrics~ im so jealous of u ne~~

    ( blink blink eyes )

  6. mira buat dah
    comment pnjang..
    penat aa..
    bye...aku amik seni..
    ;( jum aa

  7. myka-chan: i made you cry?
    cool B)
    i'll never forget any of you!
    wuu :(

    1st thing msti p cari makanan
    *blink blink face*

    i miss that time too :(

    just some silly poems la @_@

    chibi : epp
    mira mmg
    tkot la seni @_@
    nk IT :D

  8. massy ;

    hahaaha , glad u will not forget me .
    love you massy-chan :)
    food , food and always food , then i will call u pig girl ~ hahahha . joking ! xD
    miss miss :)
    silly poems ? no it isn't !!

    chibi ;

    hg jealous pa ~~
    seni ? aaaaaa ~
    me account !

  9. weeeeeeee :X
    hey! must pnggil bell pig girl
    cos yamada pig boy :D
    [lawak ja bell~
    you are too pretty to be called a pig :D]

    sorang seni..
    sorang account..
    and i want IT..
    wuu nti xdok klas sma dah pa :(

  10. ooo.haha
    ok soap.
    em.sdih aa.
    pmr is over.
    aa sp yg nk p mrsm??
    weh,jgn lupa chikuso~

  11. soap :D

    weh xmo a,
    jgn sapa2 tinggai chikuso

  12. bella = pig girl ?
    nooo !! no way ~
    she's too pretty to be called piggiey ~

    aaaa , tamau aa ! jgn la tak sma klas ~
    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :((

  13. wuuuuuuuu :(

    xpa xpa
    chikuso always will be one :D

  14. hahahaha
    yeah ,
    no no change class okay ?

  15. yesh
    nono change
    1 chikuso 1 klas
    cukop dah kot ;D