Saturday, December 12, 2009

《 Okairi, Rayyan Iman Fridaus :D 》

What happened today:
My nephew Iman is here :) crying and sleeping and eating. and repeating it again. and guess what? my favorite pyjama pants just go ripped and i just found out before i wrote this sentence. oh man :( aa. i helped my mom make pizza today. bon apetite. and what else? OH. music station, this 25th Dec, there's gonna be HSJ, KAT-TUN, and even BIGBANG. its a MUST watch. but does animax still air music station? *sigh* asdfghj. oh yeah. why are there 6 cars at my house? invisible people i don't know of are invading ? O_O

allow me to introduce Gale Beggy.
she [he to be precise] is the funniest video i have ever seen !


  1. rayyan !!
    wanna meet him !! :D
    pizza ? awww ~
    bon appetite ~
    music station !!
    aah !! YABAI !!
    perfume !!
    hbndjiebijchbnicvuiv !
    uurrghhh !
    6 ? LOL
    hahaahah , that video is really funny !
    but i dont laugh O_O

  2. lailai
    come to my house :D
    3 pizza o~ sedap *blink blink*
    lek lek lek
    perfume xdak spa nk pndang !
    awat x gelak O_O

  3. 3 pizza ?
    * gila *
    u fatty acid :P
    hahah , yeah !! booo perfume !!
    bueeekk xP
    i dont know ,
    maybe im just slow response ne ~~

  4. haha
    u fatty im acid ne :D
    perfume ulalala
    o yeahh
    u have the slowest response
    forgot :D