Wednesday, December 16, 2009

《 i'm just another troublemaker 》

gomenasai everyone. to whom i have caused trouble to. and if i hurt you, i really am sorry. i'm not purposely doing this. it just happens. i hate myself for that. lately all i've been doing is cause trouble to my friends. i'm sorry guys, you always light up my day, but i always tend to put a cloud over it. i am very grateful to have friends like you, but its just me whose not good enough. once again, i hate myself for that. i don't want to see the distance breaking between us. i want it to stay like it used to. but why is this all happening ? maybe i should go away. so i won't hurt anyone anymore. lily, bella, chibi, i truly am sorry. guilt is running through my vines. i know you guys said you'll take care of me if i get sick, :'( and thank you for saying that. but i can't. i just feel useless now. i feel, lenguh, and not quite in the mood. these things, why do they happen? :'( i guess its Allah's test upon me. i'll be patient and accept it. though i'm sorry i hurt anyone. i don't deserve to have friends like you guys. however can i repay you ?

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